We are experts for approving planning and operating swimming pools, water parks, playgrounds, sport-, wellness- and leisure installations. We promote quality and safety of your installation and thus enhance confidence and trust of your guests and clients.

Safe public installations

A public leisure installation shall be nothing but a timeless place. It lives by the users and this shows how sensitive we have to deal with their safety.

Use us for your benefit

We help you to avoid risks as we test your facility for compliance with safety standards and legal requirements.

What is necessary?

We test and evaluate your leisure installation according to European requirements and standards. Our aim is “user safety”, which is different but in parallel to “safety at work”.

Your commitment?

As we see it, your commitment is to offer a safe product and a reliable sphere to your guests.

Our support!

Consultancy and/or testing for all areas of your installation / facility:
• "Hardware” = function, Building, equipment, machinery
• "Software” = organisation, operation, staff, deployment